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Relax, Rejuvenate, Rebalance

Acupuncture:  A safe, effective, non-drug method for reducing pain and improving health.

About Ellen 

Experience and Expertise

I have a  profound commitment to my clients' well-being, taking the time to listen, understand, and collaborate, tailoring each treatment to meet the unique needs and goals of every individual. Through this holistic approach, I empower clients to actively participate in their own healing and rejuvenation.

Over 40 year's experience

  • Licensed in South Carolina (#361) and     

  • MA (#14)Nationally

  • Certified from the NCAAOM

  • Specializing in Pediatric and Adult pain issues: stress, headaches, musculoskeletal problems, women's issues

  • Served as:Faculty/Staff at Harvard Medical School, BU School of Medicine, NE School of Acupuncture

  • Researcher, author of numerous peer-reviewed articles.

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Neck Therapy


Regular acupuncture treatments can reduce pain and make you feel more energetic as well as reduce the outward signs of aging, build your immune system, reduce stress.

"I have lived in a number of different cities over the past ten years, and in seeking out acupuncture treatments in each, I've ended up working with a number of different practitioners. In my experience, Ellen is hands-down the best acupuncturist I have worked with. Thanks to Ellen, I have been able to keep pain from rheumatoid arthritis under control, and with monitoring from my doctor, I have been able to stay off medication. Ellen also treated my daughter for seasonal allergies, with great success. My daughter started seeing Ellen when she was 11 years old, and it was her first acupuncture experience. Ellen did an outstanding job at allaying my daughter's fears, and making her feel comfortable. Ellen is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, compassionate, and she does an excellent job of listening to and communicating with her clients. Her approach manages to be both more gentle than some I have experienced, and also more effective. I enthusiastically recommend her."  RP

I first came to see Ellen when I was 16 and experiencing a migraine that had lasted for weeks and that had required hospitalization, which Ellen cured! After my last treatment I am feeling remarkably better in my neck and back. Its the first time I've been able to stand upright without pain in months. I trust Ellen with treating my whole body (and soul) ! AL  11/23


" . . . I have a chronic back condition associated with  Amyloidosis that has resulted in four collapsed vertebrae in the lower lumber region of my back. Even with corrective surgery, I am still in significant pain most days. With the first acupuncture treatment, I noticed considerable relief from my back pain and the abdominal discomfort that always accompanies it. Ellen Silver has been able to work in several acupuncture treatment sessions during my time at the Amyloidosis Treatment Center. Each session has not only been effective, but Ellen’s personal interest in my condition, in answering my questions about acupuncture and her professionalism have made the sessions enjoyable – and treatment I look forward to."  DF

I have been feeling better and better each day since our last treatment!  RS  11/23

. . . I wanted to share how exciting this experience has been for me - My spirits have seen such a difference. My activity levels and abilities have changed very significantly. And, from a few little pin pricks.The healing hands and practices of Ellen Highfield, LAC  changed me forever! Ellen’s confident and compassionate treatment was very reassuring. The very first acupuncture visit yielded a surprising result. I left the office with less physical pain and in a euphoric state of mind. The continued visits had a cumulative effect both physically and mentally. I’m still not 100% sure how this ancient art works but I am so glad Ellen does! My physical pain has been greatly reduced. I can’t imagine my life without acupuncture. Thank you Ellen." CC

II feel more relaxed than I have felt in weeks! Thank you!  AE

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